Killing bed bugs needs professional assistance

The most infuriating among the pests are bed bugs. They are wingless insects which look like apple seed to the naked eye. They are flat oval shaped creatures which are nocturnal in nature. They are active at nights and feed on the human blood. They suck the blood without the notice of the victim and do not cause any pain while sucking. They immediately hide in places if they sense any danger. If there is infestation, the only way is killing bed bugs.

Initially you should hunt for the places where are hiding in your house. Usually bed corners, mattresses, old furniture, wall cracks, behind the torn and hanging wall papers, spring boxes, etc. are the places where they hide. They live in colonies and multiply rapidly. Thus infestation is also rapid. You can get rid of them by hiring a pest control team. Many services are available in the market. Do market study and compare the prices of different services.

Killing bed bugs is a tedious and time taking process. After pest controlling, you can start cleaning of your house. Start from the bed and mattress. If your mattress is old, it is better to replace it as bed bugs hide inside the mattress as well. If it is new you can use mattress cover and seal it. Vacuum clean the whole house and wash all the linen material as well.

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