How do you get bed bugs?

If you are wondering as to how do you get bed bugs, you would be really surprised that they have travelled along with you from the most comfortable stay you have ever had in a plush hotel.  They have found their abode in the travelling luggage you carried and have slowly relocated themselves into your home.  Surprising isn’t it?  This is indeed the way in which the bed bugs spread themselves as they are capable of travelling long distances during the nights and get safely into dark places, corners, crevices and cracks.

Hotels are fine…but how do you get bed bugs at home??  This may be your constant worry for they are adamant creatures which take no name of leaving despite numerous trials to exterminating them.  These bugs enter into the residential homes and have become so common of late like the cockroach or termite invasions in a household. 

So, one can get bed bugs easily when they are traveling, when they have stayed put in a motel or a hotel, or a hostel too for that matter.  They travel from these places through suitcases, clothing and furniture.  And when these infested things are brought into the house, or the apartment, it is needless to say what follows suit!  Used mattresses are a great source which would spread these apart from giving a very comfortable living to the pests.  Replacing the infected ones with absolutely new ones is the best remedy. 

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