Bed bugs freezing – A revolution in eliminating bed bugs

Something that you would find common everywhere are bed bugs. Where ever you go, be it a hotel, house or an apartment you will come across these small creatures. Although they are small in size but they can be very dangerous to your health. Eradication of bed bugs is the biggest challenge at present in front of pest control team. They are trying all the possible options to come up to a conclusion in terms of eradicating bed bugs. One of the new techniques that they are trying is bed bugs freezing. This will enable to get rid of bed bugs to certain extent.


Bed begs freezing means keeping the infected furniture in extreme cold. The furniture needs to be kept in freezing temperature for few hours to have good result. The extreme cold will make the hidden bed bugs come out of their place and would kill them. It’s not only bed bugs but even the eggs would not have a chance to complete its cycle. Keeping the furniture in freezing temperature is safer than the heat as it would not affect the furniture much. Bed bugs freezing treatment is easy and can be carried out by anyone with little knowledge and by following proper instructions, however seeking help from a well trained team is always advisable. Freezing is a good and effective option in terms of eliminating bed bugs from our lives.

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