Bed Bug mattress protector

Bed Bug mattress protector comes in the form of bed bug mattress encasement system which inhibits the prevalence of Bed bugs in any setting. It is made of breathable light weighted material that is safe, hygienic and non allergic. It serves as a fantastic bed bug protection tool. These mattress protectors come with polyurethane filming making them waterproof and help in creating the perfect dust mite and allergy resistant barriers. Moreover these protectors are easy to wash and dry clean with the use of a simple detergent. The bed bug mattress protector is made of a stretchable material and therefore fits perfectly on all the sides of the bed. With a perfect fit, it does not allow any foreign body, dust mites, bed bugs, or molds and bacteria to creep into the bed from any corners. Many stores provide life time guarantee for the quality of the protectors as they are extremely durable and are resistant to wear and tear. In case if you find any damage or wear and tear on the protector, the store can replace it for you. The mattress comes with well designed zipper technology and the seams are taped tight to prevent any dust mites or bugs from entering on to the surface of your bed and the light impermeable fabric that is used in the make of this protector prevents bed bug feeding.

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