Bed bug remedies at home

You can have your own bed bug remedies at home. If you feel that the number is too small and you can get rid of them at home without a pest control coming into picture you can do so. Firstly you should remember that prevention is better than cure. You must know where the bed bugs usually exist. One of the major bed bug remedies is cleanliness. Since the bed bugs reside in the soft cushiony places, it is important that you keep such places clean, dust free and free of any bugs. You must clean your mattresses on a daily basis. And then the carpets should be vacuum cleaned at least once a week since they are major sources of bed bugs. Next is your sofa or any other furniture that has a cushion material on it. If you have visitors from outside, do not hesitate to clean their luggage as well. Since, most of the bed bugs come to your house traveling from different places via luggage. If you still feel that the bed bugs are not going, you should try using a repellant or a spray or a solution to get a temporary resolution from bed bugs. If you do this on a regular basis half of your problem is solved. Please keep all these repellents and sprays out of the reach of children but not bed bugs.


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