The Growing Bed Bug Problem

The bed bug problem is becoming a huge one day by day. Bed bugs are creatures that feed on human blood. These bites might grow into red hard welts which itch intensely. These bugs have a peculiar sweet odor.

Bed bugs are found in all sorts of dwellings including homes, apartments, hotels, public dwellings, motels, movie theaters and also transportation vehicles such as buses, trains etc. These bugs will hide almost anywhere- in mattresses, bed frames, window frames, in box springs, couches, chairs, behind the wall paper, under the carpet or even in your luggage.

These bed bugs measure approximately 1/5 inch in length and by 1/8 inch in width. They have a reddish brown in color and look slightly flat and oval in shape. Usually after they feed, their abdomen becomes engorged and this gives the bed bug an elongated appearance. Their heads have a piercing, sucking mouth which enables the bed bugs to pierce the skin of the host and drink their blood. They drink blood to reproduce. The female lays about 200 to 500 eggs in a lifetime. These bed bugs can live up to 10 months or more without sustenance.

The bed bug problem can be understood better if you have a correct picture of what you’re dealing with. Bed bugs cannot be exterminated on your own, so you need the help of professionals. Here is where our services come to play! Give us a call and solve your bed bug problem as soon as possible!

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