Liquid insecticide and aerosol as a bed bug killer


The most common bed bug killer is the liquid insecticide or an aerosol. It acts as a vaporizer and goes to all the corners of the room. These sprays are used to spray in and around the bed and the baseboards near the bed. Remove all the drawers from the furniture and separate the cabinets if necessary so that all the parts of the furniture are sprayed. If you use the cabinets for clothes, make sure you remove the clothes and steam dry them before you put them back into the bed bug treated closets and cabinets. It is necessary that each and every item in the room is cleaned at the time of treatment.

The spray is the most effective bed bug killer. It reaches the interiors of the door frames and the closets. The entire room needs to be sprayed, as the bed bugs can crawl across the room and do not have a specific destination. But they can easily reach their prey during nights as they are nocturnal bugs which feed only in the nights. All the furniture items such as dressers, drawers, tables, chairs, sofas, etc. and underneath of all these items needs to be sprayed. Do not use these chemicals on mattresses as we are in direct contact with the mattress while we sleep or sit on it. If the furniture is disassembled during the treatment, there are chances that the bed bugs can be killed in a more effective manner.



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