Symptoms of bites and bed bug bites treatment

The most annoying of the insect family, bed bugs are tiny flat, oval shaped insects that infest human dwellings. Normally nocturnal, these insects live on the blood of human beings. These bed bugs are generally not visible during the day. The reason is that they are repellant to sunlight and like to live in dark laces like the bed you sleep in. generally present in densely populated areas like public places, trains and buses, movie theaters and hotels, these can be carried home unnoticed. Let us discuss the symptoms and bed bugs bite treatment.

Before going into bed bugs bite treatment, what does the bite of a bed bug look like? Generally confused with flea bites, these bites are tiny and look like flat, raised bumps on the skin. Generally the feature that distinguishes the bed bug bite from flea bites is the clustered pattern of three or more bits in a single area. These bites are more or less in a single line. The general areas of attack are the back and the neck which are exposed to the surface of the bed during sleep. The arms and legs are also commonly affected.

Generally these bites are swollen and are itchy. There may be infection of these bites is some cases when bed bugs bite treatment is a must. In case of infection antibiotics are prescribed but for normal itching steroid creams are used.

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