Bed bugs-get rid of them

A man after a strenuous day’s work relaxes in the evening. A comfortable sleep relives him from the stress and strain he had. A sound sleep, gives him absolute rest. Hence the sleep should be undisturbed. Any slightest disturbance wakes him up and the sleep is spoiled. One should feel comfortable with an excellent sleep.

The family members do not disturb and at the same time see to it that he is not troubled.But there are some problems that cause disturbance to the sleep; this is beyond the limit of the family members. God created roses but added thorns to it. This is the beauty of the creation. His intention cannot be explained. His will cannot be questioned. Mosquitoes, house flies and bed bugs cause perpetual trouble for the individual. While working in the office on an important assignment or when he goes to sleep the noise caused by the insects is irritating. Mosquitoes can be prevented. They will temporarily reduce the unwarranted guests. But there are some that cannot be driven away easily.

Bed bugs bight and the night become miserable. They discover the hide outs and wait for their guests to come. The blood is taken and the pain is troublesome. If they are not eradicated, the bed becomes red with blood and the night becomes day. The bed bugs are not easily visible because they occupy the corners of the bed and the joints of the cots. Thus the bed bugs are a menace.

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